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I have received another reply regarding Minocycline. Thanks to this
listmate for an interesting and informative answer not only to
Minocycline but other medicines as well.

You mentioned Minocycline is made by Henry Schein and two other
companies. We live about two miles from one of their warehouses. They
have been in trouble with the FDA for cutting corners on medications,
not having accurate labeling, sloppy mfr. practices, bending rules and
such, probably because they are having financial problems. They have had
some heavy fines, according to the county newspaper here. About a year
ago there was a whole series of articles on it. I think they eventually
closed this warehouse as a cost cutting measure.

They are a meds equipment & generics manufacturer & distributor. We try
to stay with name brand meds whenever possible. The big companies keep
good records and seem to be more willing to talk to you. (Bayer, J &J,
Glaxo, SmithKline, etc.). They make more money on the trademark drugs
and the profit margin makes them less cutthroat in their practices. I
worked for 5 years for Schering Plough. Sometimes you can get a generic
made by a major drug co. or even the original owner of the patented
medication once they are available for generics use. I know Schering
used to continue making their drugs as generics after the patent ran
out. These are usually better quality.

Biocraft is another generic company that has a lot of problems. They use
the cheapest ingredients and have more allergy problems.

What she has said has been true for me in some of my medications and I'm
sure others have had other experiences too.

Thanks,  Betty Jackson
Knoxville, TN

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