1.    In 1869 a 50-ton bronze frieze depicting the achievements of Cornelius Vanderbilt was installed on his Hudson River RR depot in what is now called Tribeca (it's an exit plaza from the Holland Tunnel).    The depot was demolished in the 1930's and the frieze was scrapped.    >>>What happens to bronze after it's melted down?  Where is it now? 
2.    I know why vintage window glass is so interesting - all those imperfections in the surface that catch the light.   But why is modern window glass so bad?  Its more than just the absence of character, it's something unpleasant and disconcerting, perhaps because none of it is really flat, just slightly bowed (in?), which yields disorienting reflections.   Added to this is the doubling, which creates a shadow reflection, as if your vision was fuzzy.    >>Why is modern glass bowed like this?   And is it in, or out? 
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