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>I note that you are veggie. Why do *you* not eat meat?

Utility argument: veg works OK for me.

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>To my mind, that is problematic, as there is a great deal of difference
>between 100% fruit and 75% fruit, 20% green, 5% nuts / seeds. If for e.g.
>you said that 100% fruit eaters had problems long term, I could see that
>being true. I would be surprised if it were true for the other group.

There is some difference in composition, but fruitarian diets as you
them have a very poor long-term track record as well (though better
nearly 100% fruit diets).  Be surprised.  :-)

Mike Kinnaird <[log in to unmask]>:
>Do you have
>evidence that the intent of some is to mis-inform and for what purpose.

I previously cited the false statistical "proof" which is still being
promoted, even though the author of the bogus "proof" has been
that it has no merit. Only 2 possible explanations come to mind here:
1) bad intent -- willing to peddle false info (for the "greater good"
of promoting veggie or raw), or 2) massive ego such that the
cannot understand that they are wrong.

Mike Kinnaird <[log in to unmask]>:
>Fair enough. The point was that this particular BBC programme said that the
>chimps did not need to kill for food. I heard a theory that this behaviour
>was copied from man.

The only folks I have seen making the imitation argument are not
credible sources but are instead (in my opinion) cranks.
(If anyone has a credible source - a legitimate, published Anthro or
article - making the imitation argument, please send me the citation.)

Your questions are in fact answered -- with citations -- on Beyond
Veg.  Read more - your questions will be answered.  :-)

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>Can you briefly summarise what we humans have learned from comparative
>anatomy in terms of what we put on our plates.

A summary is at:

Mike Kinnaird <[log in to unmask]>:
>I will take that on board Tom. Will you name this person, if not on the
>list, then to me personally?

I won't name them here, as cranks like publicity. It seems to feed
their huge egos. In private/confidential mail, I will tell you.

Mike Kinnaird <[log in to unmask]>:
>But the fact that mis-information is used,
>does not in itself make the raw vegan diet wrong / not optimum.

The level of misinformation, the high failure rate and the negative
consequences experienced by some who try the diet, the utter
of some of the advocates -- this should give you reason to slow down
and be very cautious in your approach to the diet. If not, then
(in figurative terms)  you are free to jump off the cliff,
along with many of the raw vegan diet gurus.

Mike Kinnaird <[log in to unmask]>:
>You see, your diet does not make sense to me. How can dairy be part of our
>natural diet, foods based on the milk of another species and how can
>improve your food? I know that some nutrients are available in larger
>quantities by cooking veg but is this reason to cook veg? better to leave
>those foods out I would think. The fact that the body sends leucocytes to
>the digestive organs when cooked food is eaten suggests that that is very

Pardon me for the format below, but it seems appropriate. :-)

Error message: My diet need only make sense to me, your diet need
only make sense to you.

Error message: I use dairy but generally don't advocate that others
use it.
(I do suggest on rare occasions that folks who fail on 100% raw vegan,
dairy as a weight-gain tool, or as a way to remain raw and veggie.
But I don't suggest that everyone should use dairy.) You seem to think
that I promote it.

Error message: I don't present myself as a role model or diet guru.
You seem to think that I am a guru or role model. [I'm an info
source, nothing more.]

Error message: Your questions above (raw vs. cooked, leukocytosis)
are all answered on Beyond Veg. Read more and your questions will
be answered.

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Thomas E. Billings, all rights reserved. Request permission if you
want to
crosspost to other lists.

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