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Re: downloading problems


Don Penlington <[log in to unmask]>


PCSOFT - Personal Computer software discussion list <[log in to unmask]>


Sun, 12 Mar 2006 00:25:10 +1000





text/plain (82 lines)

Michelle wrote:
><<I have tried to dowload different things onto my computer like iTunes
> >> for instance.  Every time I have finished downloaded something, or
> >> when I try to open it, it will show an error or say that" iTunes has
> >> encountered a problem.  Would you like to send an error report?".
> >> Sometimes I send one, other times I don't either way nothing gets
> >> done.  It's not just with iTunes where I encounter this problem.  It's
> >> also when I try to even download PDF from the website that offers
> >> it.Also, when my kids put a CD in to play a game on, it will never
> >> allow us to download it completely.>>

You haven't given us much to go on, so it's not possible to say exactly 
what's wrong.

It is not clear whether you are not able to download anything, or whether 
you can download but cannot play or run whatever you have downloaded.

First, can you download ANYTHING?  Try this: go to a website and download 
any picture on that site by right clicking on the picture and select the 
line that says  "save picture as".  Note its destination folder (ie the 
place where the picture will be downloaded to).  Now go to that 
folder,  and see if the picture file is in there.

If is is, then at least you can download something and your browser is 
probably OK.  If the picture will not download, then there's a problem with 
your browser or possibly your internet connection.  Can you browse 
generally to websites without any problems?

Did this problem always occur, or has it just started suddenly?  If the 
latter, try a system restore.

If you are on dialup, possibly you are exceeding your monthly dialup 
limitation. Therefore the download will not be completed. Note also that 
most dialup plans have a limit to the size of file you are allowed to 
download. That's another possibility. Some PDF files can be quite large and 
may exceed your download limits.

As to your games CD, many older games are not compatible with XP. Look on 
the CD and see if it is certified for XP.  If not, there's a 50/50 chance 
it won't install or play.

<<A friend of mine that redoes
 >> computers said she would write something for it, so that it would go
 >> through.>>

That's sometimes possible, though might be difficult.  Depends on the 
particular game and how old it is (I'm talking about when the game was 
actually written, not the age of the disk---some new disks can contain some 
very old games).  You can run some older games via a dos boot 
floppy.  Probably this is what your friend is going to write.  You can 
download these easily off the internet and simply copying the files onto a 
floppy.  Ensure that the set of files contains a CD driver.  You might then 
need some basic dos command skills in order to navigate to the games CD and 
run it. It might autorun if you are very lucky.

Finally, check that all your antivirus and antispyware programs are fully 
updated and run full system checks.  The problems you state are the 
symptoms of some viruses (ie failure to download and interference with 
internet connections).

As has already been stated, DO NOT disable your antivirus and firewall, 
especially if you are on broadband.  To do so while you are connected is 
dicing with danger.  I believe that the average time for an unprotected 
computer to be hacked from outside while on broadband is about 3-4 minutes. 
I've recently seen one silently invaded in less than 60 seconds while 
unprotected. The owner was totally unaware of its presence---except that 
she could no longer browse. The Thing was continually calling some address 
in China.

Don Penlington

 From the Beach at Surfers Paradise in sunny Queensland.
Computer tutorials, local scenery,  and other things at my website:

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